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Driven Car Reviews

The New York Times automotive contributor Tom Voelk looks at all things automotive. Driven is the first podcast to ever win an Emmy Award. That and nearly unanimous 5 star reviews are a good sign this is worth your time. Subscribe today!

Apr 30, 2018

Once reserved for high performance exotic cars, carbon fiber is finding its way into all sorts of surprising places. So why not a pickup bed. The 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 will be available with a CarbonPro bed, which is solid carbon fiber, not a liner. Tom Voelk interviews General Motors engineer Mark Voss to find out...

Apr 30, 2018

Need something compact and practical but want to be stuck in a penalty box? The BMW X2 lives up to the brand’s Ultimate Driving Machine principal. Tom Voelk travels to The Thermal Club outside of Palm Springs, CA to drive the X2 on the road and the track. Transportation and lodging to this event was provided by BMW.

Apr 17, 2018

Volkswagen no longer offers diesels. Chevy of all brands steps in to fill the void. The diesel Cruze is very efficient, with the E.P.A. fuel economy rating of up to 48 miles per gallon. Tom Voelk checks to see whether that’s true. And you thought that diesel was dead in the US…

Apr 12, 2018

There hasn't been much happening in the world of pickup tailgates. GMC's 2019 Sierra will be available with the MultiPro Tailgate that is surprisingly useful. Tom Voelk takes a look at it at the New York International Auto Show.

Apr 10, 2018

There’s a lot to consider when buying a family crossover. Active electronic safety systems should get close scrutiny. Tom Voelk checks out Nissan’s ProPilot Assist system in the Rogue that’s a step beyond typical lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control systems.