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Driven Car Reviews

The New York Times automotive contributor Tom Voelk looks at all things automotive. Driven is the first podcast to ever win an Emmy Award. That and nearly unanimous 5 star reviews are a good sign this is worth your time. Subscribe today!

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Is Ready For Anything

Oct 10, 2022

The regular Ford Bronco is an overachiever on and off the trails. The Bronco Raptor turns that ability up to 11. It’s got a whole new suspension, a twin turbocharged 3-liter V6 that makes 418 horsepower and the intimidating look that Raptors are famous for. The most powerful Bronco ever, it’s got what it takes to...

Oct 6, 2022

Don’t have BMW or Porsche money but want a performance machine that satisfies the driving enthusiast in you? Hyundai offers up the Kona N to scratch that itch. More power, bigger brakes, adjustable dumpers, an electronic limited slip differential and much more make it a blast to pilot. Tom Voelk looks at a loaded Kona...

Oct 3, 2022

Porsche is about performance and engineering excellence, its vehicles are not meant to be inexpensive. That said, the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo is the best EV value the automaker offers. Feature for feature, it actually costs less than the base rear-wheel drive Taycan sedan. And it’s much more practical too. Tom Voelk...